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Assisted Hatching

In the presence of high-quality embryos, even at the stage of blastocyst, the success is around 50% in the best clinics, in spite of chro-
mosomal abnormalities of the embryo, in a number od cases a disorder of the process of hatching(hatching) of embryos is mentioned
as the reason for the failure.


The classic IVF respresents embryonic
fertilization technique - fertilization of
the egg cell, in which the embryolo-
gist, in an appropriate container, and
presence of a suitable medium
leaves the egg with its surrounding
and concentrate of semen, which...

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Growth factors for

Cryopreservation is a set of revolu-
tionary techologies in the field of
cryobiology by which cells and
tissues can be successfully frozen at
extremely low temperatures that
allow virtually stopping of biological...

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